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About Jakob Jenkov

Though software development is how I currently make most of my money, I am also a bit of a scientist, philosopher, and entrepreneur. So what do I mean by that? Well... let me explain...

  1. Software Developer
  2. Scientist
  3. Philosopher
  4. Entrepreneur

Software Developer

Software development has been my hobby since I was 12 years old, and got my first Commodore 128. At first I mostly used it for playing games, but within long I grew interested in programming it. That was back in the good old Commodore Basic days!

Today I make my money primarily as an enterprise Java developer, working freelance for large clients. I also maintain this website ( for my company (Jenkov Aps). This website provides a revenue stream too.

My interests in software development have panned out from primarily server side Java, to almost all parts of the development process (project management, test, writing documentation etc.), and from enterprise software into games, software for personal management etc. Pretty much any type of software that supports my other interests.


As I grew "older" I started noticing how many decisions and arguments are based on non-facts like "best practices", personal opinions, "common sense", beliefs, prejudices etc. Need I say this leads to bad decisions? Therefore I am trying to adopt a habbit of judging based on scientific evidence, or as close as I can get.

Along the scientific way of thinking, I have also changed the way I approach new challenges and projects mentally. Rather than thinking in "success" or "failure", I think of it as an experiment. No matter whether I fail or succeed, I will learn something from engaging myself in the challenge. When learning rather than succeeding is the primary focus of an experiment, the fear of failure becomes much smaller, or even disappears.


Though I am no philosopher like Nietzsche or Kierkegaard, I am often adjusting my philosophy on life. When I was younger the purpose of life seemed to be to become rich and famous. Today my focus has changed to being happy. I have tried making more money than I can spend (without buying obscenely expensive stuff), and found that it didn't make me happy. So, now I am focusing on what makes me feel good, and then backtrack to find out how to get there. I'll probably be writing more about my "philosophy" on a different site some day. If for nothing else, then as notes to myself and to process and organize the thoughts on the topic.


I love starting new projects! I get lots of ideas for hobby projects, new software or business ideas almost daily. Unfortunately I don't have the time to follow through on all of them. Nor am I sure all of them would be profitable anyways. But, developing new ideas and projects brings me joy, so even if a project isn't profitable, if it makes me a happier person it is still worth engaging in.

My website,, serves as a display case for many of these projects. The ones that make it to the finishing line that is. Therefore the layout and organization of this site may change over time, as my portfolio of projects change. New projects may emerge, and old project may move to separate websites.

Jakob Jenkov
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